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Blinks of exile          


Durée : 5:25

Resumé :
Soldats avec trois flashbacks. Un thème anti guerre SCI-FI.

A futuristic soldier who get lost in some kind of a desert... during his research he flashbacks three important events...

Blinks of exile is an antiwar approach, an artistic geste that shows how wars can erase the meanig of humanity.

Being someone who came from an area of wars and struggles, I choosed thos theme as a personal and global reaction to all victims of war.

Sélection :
- Animation Theater, Siggraph, San Antonio, USA, juillet 2002.
- Cartoombria, Perugia, Italie, décembre 2002

Logiciels :
3D Studio MAX, Character studio, After Effect, Première, Photoshop, Vegas video, Combustion, Illusion.

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